ZS800 Style Grinder

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ZS800 Style Grinder

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ZS800 Style Grinder


1. Steel, cast steel knife rest, holder steel cutters, to avoid cracking.

2. Ladder style cutters, to improve the shear force and enhance the crushing efficiency.

3. Moveable screen, easy dismounting for user’s convenience, easy for cleaning and colour change.

4. Sound insulation is used in the feeding section to reduce thenoise.

5. A protective switch in the feeding mouth to protect the operator’s safety.



Motor power: 30 or 40hp

Size of the feeding mouth: (mm) 1000×500

Sieve diameter: (mm) 12 to 18(depending on the customer)

Quantity of the fixed knife: 4pieces

Quantity of the rotary knife: 24pieces

Capacity: 500~700kg/H

Turning diameter (mm) 800×450

Weight :( kg) 2200